How I earned $6k from Fashion Graphic Design with project and simple work

Computer Basics

Details about software and interface

Software basic to advanced tools

How to design Customize professional fashion business card

Fashion brand logo design

Professional t-shirt design

Textile print pattern design

Introducing all kinds of drawing tools

Basic to advanced figure illustration

Basic to advanced dress illustration 1

Basic to advanced dress illustration 2

Embroidery design ( tracing paper print item )

Printing threepiece dress design

Photoshop basic tools & use

How to remove the background and use this method for, pattern, saree & 3pcs

Effective fashion photo editing

Creative brand product editing

Premium and creative jersey design

Mood board design

Inspiration board design

Professional Portfolio making

Customized Cv & cover letter design

How to earn and freelancing Fashion Graphic design

How to start Earning money from Fiverr marketplace

How to start Earning money from Shutterstock marketplace

Start 1000% confirm earning money from the best selling marketplace

How to get money/dollar on your bank and local account

Bonus lesson (coming soon)

How to drawing and design own art using software
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